Pizza Twirler Bags A Million Dollar Lotto Prize

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Dimitrios Hatzisotiriou bought lotto scratcher tickets while waiting for the bank  to open.  Because of that he now has more money in the bank.

It was his 73rd birthday when he decided to play the lottery.  He had lost about $25 and later won $50, but he was not satisfied.  He bought one more ticket, a $10 “Holiday Millionaire” instant ticket and landed a big win.

When Dimitrios saw the matching 36s he knew he had won really big and started jumping up and down.  But he is no stranger to lottery luck, having won a $56,000 from the “Take 5” game a few years back.  He used his winnings then to buy a car.  With his much bigger winnings this time around Dimitrios wants to take a trip to Greece to visit his mother he last saw more than two decades ago.

Other winners include Michelle Nuzzi who was cashing in a $150 ticket win when she purchased a “Wild Bonanza Multiplier” scratch off ticket.  She won the game’s top prize of $5 million.

Elsewhere, shopkeeper Ajit Rana of Long Island won a $1,000 a day for life prize from the “CASH4LIFE” game.


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