Player Beats Astronomical Odds To Win Again

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The term “some people have all the luck” seems to apply of pensioner James Bozeman, at least when it comes to winning in the lottery.  Last year James won a $10 million jackpot from the Florida Lottery from a ticket he bought off a local 7-11 store.  Just now, James has come back in the winner’s circle with another $3 million jackpot in the August 31 draw.

Incredibly, he had beaten 13,983,816 to one odds to win the first time and then a mind numbing 195,547,109,921,856 to one odds to win a second time.  He opted to receive the full amount of his second win in 30 x $100,000 yearly installments.

When he had won the first time, he picked a new set of numbers and vowed to continue playing.  It appears like he made good on that promise, which is part of the reason he won again.  We may yet see him in another win as he has announced that he is getting a third set of numbers.


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