Plumber To Continue Working After Landing $136 Jackpot

June 14th, 2015   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

A  plumber from Staten Island loves his work so much that he still wants to continue working even after he won a huge $136 million jackpot.

Anthony Perosi thought someone else had won, so he left his ticket pinned to a basement wall for six weeks.  When he did check he was surprised by the amount of his win, but knew right away what he wanted to do.  He immediately called his son to whom he has decided to give 30% of his win.

Perosi chose to receive a single payment of $88.5 million.  After taxes, the winner will keep about $38.6 million and his son will receive $16.5 million.  Father and son are still trying to plan what they will do with the money.


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