Poor Jewish Couple Win The Israeli Lottery

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An Israeli couple from Tel Aviv was worried about an outstanding electric bill of 4,000 shekels so they bought a lottery ticket on Saturday. By the next day they no longer had any reason to worry about electric bills or any other unpaid bills.

The Haredi couple won the top prize in the Israeli lottery which gave them an instant bounty of 12.5 million shekels or $3.375 million! Their investment of a mere 11.60 shekels in a ticket, plus a lot of prayers gave them an unexpectedly large return. And the first thing they did after finding out they were big winners was to say a prayer of thanks.

It was the winter cold which drove up the couple’s electric bill, which in turn caused them to purchase a lottery ticket although they seldom play. Now they say their priority is to pay off their bills and maybe move to an apartment big enough for their 6 children. They also plan to visit the graves of prominent rabbis, and support religious causes. They plan to live as simply as before their win.

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