Portsmouth Couple Win $1M Powerball Prize

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Calvin and Zatera Spencer had been regularly playing the lottery.  Each time Calvin buys a ticket at the Barber’s Tire & Auto he would ask the clerk for a big winner.  On the March 12 draw of the Powerball Lottery, Calvin got his wish – his ticket won a prize of $1 million.

When the couple learned they were big winners, they asked if it was possible to remain anonymous.  Not in Virginia, he was told.  And they had to attend a mandatory press conference the lottery had scheduled at the shop they bought the ticket from.  Even store manager Sherri Posey had to be at the press conference to receive a ceremonial check of $10,000 the store earned for selling the winning ticket.

They’re quite happy with the win, Calvin even bought a lottery ticket right after winning.  But he says he may not play again, as the urge is not there anymore.  Perhaps he wants to give us non winners a chance.

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