Powerball Ticket Sold At Bakery Wins A Lot Of Dough

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When you need a lot of dough, where do you go  find it?  At a bakery apparently.  One lottery player has won a $130 million Powerball jackpot from a ticket purchased at the 117 Brighton Beach Bakery and Deli in Brooklyn.

Salah Al-Sulaimani, the manager of the bakery which is also known as Rocco’s bakery, says he is happy for the winner who happens to be a regular customer.  A $10,000 bonus the family-run bakery will receive for selling the winning ticket merely adds to their happiness.

The store customer, who hasn’t officially filed a claim for the jackpot, bought the winning ticket last Saturday, and called up the bakery to share the good news the very next day.  Bakery employees will not share any other details about the winner.

Read more in http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/130m-powerball-ticket-sold-brooklyn-deli-article-1.1520979

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