Retired Care Worker Wins £1,000,000 From Euromillions

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Big blessings come when you least expect it. This is what retired care worker Violet Grahamslaw learned. Actually, you can say that blessings were waiting for her, but she just wasn’t so attentive.

After finding unchecked lottery tickets, she asked her husband to go over to the store to check them out. Her husband returned from the store white as a sheet and shaking. All he could mumble was “Call this number.” The number was for Camelot. And when they made the call, it was confirmed that they had indeed won £1,000,000 in the Euromillions UK Millionaire Maker draw. She then called her mum and then her two children to tell them the good news.

Plans for the money include a new kitchen, a new living room, and other home renovations. She is an avid knitter so a new sewing machine is being considered. This will be closely followed by a holiday for the whole family.


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