Sacked Auto Workers Win $16 Million

June 2nd, 2014   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

Many of us dream of winning big lottery prizes we can comfortably retire on.  Sixteen workers from the Toyota Plant in Victoria were told they were on the list of people 2,500 people who will lose their jobs when the plant shuts down in 2016.  But even before that can happen the lottery syndicate won $15 million from one of their Tattslotto entries.

Even if they were unsure of the future because of the impending plant closure, the group of auto workers have decided to share their winnings with a member who missed out when he recently withdrew from the syndicate.

The lucky group of workers, who have decided to remain anonymous had bought their sweet ticket from Doncaster East’s Pines Lotto and Confectionery.  One man from the Gold Coast won the other half of the jackpot.  He also requested anonymity.


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