Saved From Homelessness By Scratchcard

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Things really had got that bad. Alison Hollick, 48, had lost her telesales job, and was in arrears with the mortgage.

With little other option, the house had been put up for sale and a buyer had already been found. But the mother and two boys had nowhere else to go.

That was until last Friday.

Trainer chef Joe, 17, was heading to a friends house when he remembered to stop off and collect his winnings from a scratch card. But given it was only worth £4, he decided to spend half the winnings on another National Lottery Turquoise card.

So he could not believe his luck when he started scratching the new card:

When I scratched the card and saw the gold bar, I thought I had probably won about £10 pounds or £20 pounds.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw it was £250,000 pounds.

Joe paid off the mortgage arrears and treated his mum to champagne at a local country club.

His mum couldn’t have been more proud:

It was one of his first thoughts and such a lovely thing to do for his family. I don’t think it has really sunk in yet.

Despite his big win Joe was still back peeling vegetables at the restaurant the next day, and has no plans to give up his job as a trainee chef.

He did manage to treat himself a bit too though, to a top of the range computer and a new iPhone.

But he also plans to spoil his mum with a holiday to Turkey too.

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