Scratcher Winner Will Get To Buy His Dream Car

May 24th, 2015   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

Paul Bringas of Suisun City had made it routine to purchase scratchers tickets every day for years now.  And he has always said that he will buy himself a Corvette if he ever wins big.  Now he is set to get his dream car.

A $10 “Crossword Ca$h scratcher purchased at the Sunset Shell store, located at 200 Sunset Ave.was all it took to get Bringas in celebration mode.  He would have been happy with a four word match, but then discovered he had matched 10 words!  The win is worth $750,000.

The winner has no plans to retire, so he finished his work shift before claiming the prize.   He has no plans to quit playing the lottery either.


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