Sharin McCourt Wins £250,000 Scratcher Prize

August 11th, 2015   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

rsz_woman_winnerA trip to the grocery was all it took to change Sharin McCourt’s life for the better.  She picked up two £250,000 Blue & Green National Lottery Scratchcards will paying for her purchases and bagged the top prize.

She had unpacked the food back at home when she discovered her win, and had to ask her friend to confirm.  Now she has accepted the blessings and her first order of business is to buy a new pair of wellies.  She also wants to buy her friend a new car they can use in going to music festival with, and she plans to go to a lot of them.

McCourt bought the winning ticket at the Mace Store, Culmore Road, Derry.




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