Teen Takes Home $655,555 Off Two Lotto Wins In One Week!

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While all of us dream of winning a significant amount in the lottery, most of us also believe that after we hit the big one there’s little chance that lightning would strike twice.  A teen from California apparently does not believe that, and the lottery gave her a couple of good reasons not to change her mind.

Rosa Dominguez was your normal teenager when she stopped for gas and decided to purchase five instant tickets for $5 each. That proved to be a financially sound decision as one ticket gave her a $555,555 win. Five must be her lucky number – 5 tickets, $5 each and $555,555 in winnings.

She was overwhelmed by the win but somehow thought she was not done playing the lottery. That same week she bought another $5 ticket – and won again. This time it is for $100,000.

She has since claimed the prize for her first win. Being a teenager, all she can think of is to buy a new car and go shopping.

Read more in http://www.ndtv.com/offbeat/teen-wins-lottery-twice-in-one-week-takes-home-655-555-1729357

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