Texas Retirees Win A Million While Traveling

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People usually travel after they win substantial amounts in the lottery;  retirees Joseph and Anetia Roseman are a bit different.

The couple were traveling, on a visit to friends in North Carolina when they decided to try their luck on a Mega Millions quick pick ticket from the S.M. Mart in Concord.  The next day they discovered that they did not win the huge jackpot, but managed a 5-number match good enough for a million dollar prize.  They later opted to collect the prize in a single payment of $692,502 after taxes.

The lucky retirees say they will save part of the money, use some to pay off bills, and do a bit more traveling.

Read more in http://abc11.com/news/texas-couple-wins-a-million-in-lottery-on-visit-to-nc/1408709/

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