Textile Worker Wins 26 Million NIS Jackpot

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A textile industry worker won a 26 million NIS ( new Israeli shekel) jackpot, after he dreamed of having won a big lottery prize.  A week prior to his his big win, he had also correctly guessed a lottery combination that gave him a 1,000 NIS payout.

After he won the small amount, his wife encouraged him by saying that he was moving in the right direction for something bigger.  That prompted the man to spend on eight lottery bets, and then add two more bets taken from his and his wife’s birthdays.  By chance, it was one of the last two bets that won him the huge jackpot.

The father of five reveals that he wants to continue working because he loves his work, and vows that the lottery win will cause little change in his lifestyle.  He plans to open savings accounts for all of his children, and to travel the world after he eventually retires.

Read more in http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/173816#.UoIcBSf9U84

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