Thais Flock To ‘Lucky’ Banana Tree

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It is always entertaining to hear of the many ways people try to find luck, or lucky numbers to be more precise. In Roi Et province in Thailand people have been flocking to the yard of Soontorn Saichue to visit a particularly heavily laden banana tree.

It is no ordinary banana tree as the species called Set Tee Roi Whee Pun Loog, or Hundred Hands, Thousand Fruits Millionaire. It is quite normal for this type of tree to have a bunch of bananas two meters long. The woman’s tree has a bit more fruit than the ordinary. The column of bananas is more than 2 meters long and the owner  says she will never cut it down.

The 77-year old lady added fuel to the speculation the tree is auspicious by saying she has never been sick since the tree was planted. She also says people have tried to plant their own trees from the offshoots but all failed.

So people come to ‘worship’ the column of bananas, looking for lucky numbers. Some rub the fruit, others offer incense,  and a few even prostrated themselves in front of the tree. There are no reports of lottery success from believers yet, and many Thai netizens have voiced skepticism. But still people flock to the tree daily.



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