Third Winner Of $411 Million Powerball Jackpot Identified

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The long wait for the identity of the third winner of the August 7 draw of the Powerball Lottery is over.  Mario Scarnici of Monmouth Junction, has finally come forward to claim the last portion of a $411 million jackpot.  He held the second winning ticket in New Jersey, the first one having been claimed earlier by sixteen people from a maintenance group.

Lottery spokeman Ms. Judith Drucker has confirmed that Mr. Scarnici has claimed the prize at the lottery offices, accompanied by two adult sons.  He opted to receive the prize as a lump sum of $62 million net of all taxes.

The Stop&Shop on Route 522 and Summerfield Boulevard where Mr. Scarnici bought his winning ticket is set to receive a $30,000 bonus.  The store, however, has announced that it will donate the entire bonus amount to charity.

It is not yet clear if and when Mr. Scarnici will release further details.  Perhaps after the enormity of his win sinks in?


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