Thousands Win In El Gordo Drawing

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Spain’s El Gordo Lottery lived up to its name by spreading Christmas cheer on thousands of bettors. Instead of awarding a huge sum to one winner, the lottery is designed to spread the prize pot to thousands of small winners.  Incredibly, the prize pot this year reached 2.5 billion euros, the biggest ever in the history of El Gordo.

Tales of joy followed the drawing as winners shared details of their win which is very welcome these days as Spain remains in the grip of economic crisis.  One winner, mechanic Raul Clavero, jumped up for joy on learning that his ticket won the top prize of 400,000 euros.  Incredibly, four other members of his family bet on the same 62246 number he did and also won. A total of  ten bettors won the grand prize on this year’s draw.

For the first time this year though, the tax man takes a bite of 20% of all winnings above 2,500 euros.


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