Tina Ferrone Pockets $48-Million From Lotto Max

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Tina Ferrone  saw a commercial showing how large the Lotto Max lottery’s jackpot was and was tempted.  So for the first time, she bought a few Lotto Max tickets while on her lunch break.

The next morning, a radio announcement claimed that the winning ticket had been sold in Ottawa, where she lives.  Taking a cue, she checked her ticket at a local drug store later in the day.  She said she saw lots of zeros and thought she had won $48,000.  So she asked her husband to join her at the store as the ticket was validated – she wanted her husbnad to talk to lottery officials as she was still shocked.

Now that she has claimed her prize, she wants to forge a financial with her husband.  To enjoy more of life, they want to pay off debts, build a bigger house, buy a new truck and travel somewhere.  A major chunk will go towards looking after their children.

And one dream Tina can now realize is her dream to establish a wellness center.

Read more in http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2014/04/01/tina-ferrone-lotto-max-winner_n_5072028.html


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