Train Geek Spends £1 Million Winnings Turning Disused Station Into Home

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It probably wasn’t quite the luxury home his wife had in mind. But Mark Benbow did keep his promise.

Mark, 38, is a railway worker and self-confessed train enthusiast. So when he became a millionaire with the EuroMillions lottery, the big house was always going to have a room for his train set.

But even Mark wasn’t especially prepared for how close the trains would be to the new house he has bought. He couldn’t resist however when the 120 year old disused railway station in Merthyr Tydfil came up for sale at just £139,000.

The 5 bedroom property may sound a bargain, although it is in one of the poorest regions of Wales, and will cost Mark a large part of his winnings to restore it.

It needs a lot of work but I’ve made a good start and we should be able to move in next year.

Mark also plans a dedicated room for playing darts with friends, as well as a large stained glass window depicting a steam engine. He says it will  be his and wife Lisa’s dream home. Although there is just one thing missing he added:

It’s just a shame that the trains don’t pass by now. Otherwise, it’s my dream house.

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