Truck Driver Wins $18.8 Million

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A Brampton resident and immigrant from India has won a Canada 6/49 lottery jackpot of almost $18.8 million.  Truck driver Gurbhej Sran and his wife Jaspreet won using a free-play ticket on March 22.

Jaspreet had a hunch they would win so she had their ticket checked.  When the machine sent a ‘Big Winner, see retailer’ message, she was overjoyed thinking they had  won $10,000.  The couple only learned later it was for very much more.

The couple who have a newborn have not made concrete plans for the money.  They know they want to send for their parents so they can share the good fortune, and Gurbhej wants to buy a dream truck and keep working.

If you’re not having quite so much luck, maybe it’s time to try a Canada lottery syndicate. It’s all the fun of winning without the cost of buying all the tickets yourself.


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