Truck Driver Wins Lottery For The Second Time

January 4th, 2015   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

Scientists have disproved the old belief that lightning never strikes the same place twice.  Now just last week, a man from Parkville proved that it is possible to win significant lottery jackpots more than once.

The winner of last week’s Maryland Lottery  Multi-Match jackpot is is a 39-year old truck driver who has chosen to remain anonymous.  With the jackpot at $2.85 million, the lucky man was able to pocket a single cash payout option of $2.2 million.  And incredibly, this is the second time he has come to the lottery offices to claim a prize – he won a $250,000 jackpot playing Mega Millions in 2005.

He now plans to pay off his house in full, go on a vacation and save money for his children.


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