Two Michigan Workers Post $1M Powerball Win

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A two-man lottery playing syndicate, who call themselves the B-Squared Lottery Club has just won a million dollars.

The two had been asking other co-workers if anybody was interested in pooling for the lottery. They figured that the Powerball lottery was big enough for them to take a chance. When nobody seemed interested, the two went ahead and bought tickets from the Melvindale Liquor Market, located at 17973 Allen Road in Melvindale.

After the draw, the pair discovered that they had matched all the numbers drawn except for the Powerball. That was good enough to land them half a million dollars each before taxes. The pair had made a better decision than their colleagues who refused to play with them. They are so cautious that they have asked to be allowed to remain anonymous and have said they will just save their winnings.

Interestingly their choice for the powerball was 03, and the number drawn was 04. They were one number away from having a share of the $760 million jackpot!


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