Unsold Ticket Wins First Prize For Vendor

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A lottery ticket vendor from Thailand named Somsri Toiam was worried; she did not know how to cover the cost of two ticket she failed to sell. Just before the draw someone offered to buy the unsold tickets at a discount – she refused because she did not want to sell the tickets at a loss.

All her worries disappeared when she heard a broadcast of the winning numbers.  The lucky vendor managed to win first prize of 4 million baht with one ticket, and the second ticket won for her a consolation prize of another 100,000 baht.

She says her priority is to pay off her debts, and to set aside some money for her grandson’s education.

Read more in http://news.thaivisa.com/thaivisa-news/lottery-vendor-wins-first-prize-from-unsold-ticket/86224/

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