US Powerball Announce Wrong Numbers – Oops

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If wrong lottery results get published it usually ends up being for a small local newspaper, and an overworked do-it-all reporter trying to beat a deadline.

It doesn’t often happen to the lottery companies themselves thankfully. But the Florida Lotto managed this critical gaff last week when issuing a press release for the Powerball results.

The correct results (worth $50 Million to the right person) were 11, 13, 23, 43, 54 and a Powerball number of 4.

But as reported here though the original press release issued said 14 instead of 13. The official website got it correct so the risk of anyone seeing the incorrect result is limited to whoever republishes the press release without double checking the results first.

Which could lead to some players disposing of tickets that had won the smallest prizes.

Bigger prize winners could find they have won more than they thought – or less – depending on whether they had 13 or 14 in their selection.

Our advice: it’s a good idea to hold on to tickets for a while, and to check them using two different sources of results.

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