Vietnamese Immigrant Wins $5.7M

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Xuan Ngo Thu, a Vietnamese immigrant and resident of  Crest Hill, only buys lottery tickets occasionally.  He normally buys $1 and $2 Quick Pick tickets whenever he fills up at a gas station.  But apparently, this was enough, as he has managed to beat long odds to win a jackpot worth $5.7 million.

He only learned of his win when he returned to the Speedway gas station in Joliet where he bought his ticket to get it checked.  After the machine returned a message saying “file a claim”, he was informed that his meant he had won something big.

Too nervous to do the checking, he asked his daughter to check for him, and then spent four sleepless nights due to excitement.

Xuan opted to receive a single payment of $2,734,749 after taxes and says he will share the money with relatives and even plans to visit his old home country.


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