Virginia Beach Couple Win Lotto Twice In Two Months

March 22nd, 2017   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

2017 is turning out to be an especially bountiful year for a Virginia couple. Charles and Janet Leisure have just claimed a major lottery prize, just two months after winning a bigger one. The first quarter of the year is not yet over but the lucky couple have already claimed two significant lotto wins!

Their first win of the year came in January when a Mega Millions entry managed to match five numbers drawn. that was enough to earn them a million dollar second prize. But it seems they don’t believe that luck is through with them because they kept playing.

It was an Extra Play Scratcher ticket which caught their eye because Charles said it was a new game. So they bought one from Rite Aid on Upton Drive. To their surprise they won the top prize of $250,000!

Charles attributes their lottery luck to a rabbit’s foot that his wife keeps carries around.


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