Wanda Hill Wins Millions For The 2nd Time

November 18th, 2016   ·   Read Comment...

Wanda Hill Wins 2nd Major Lotto Prize

With the lottery, you never know when and where lady luck will decide to land.  While many of us are still waiting for a significant win, some other people have won more than once.  Wanda must have some kind of magic!

Wanda Hill likes to play the lottery, and she has been handsomely rewarded for it.  It took a second chance draw to give her the first big win in 2012, but it was for a cool million dollars.  That win has not sated her appetite for tickets – even now she still plays.

When Wanda went to grandchildren, she decided to stop and buy instant lotto tickets.  She was lucky enough to win on her first purchase, so she used half the winnings to buy more.  It was while scratching the second batch of tickets that she discovered she had won $2 million!  She had to go back to the store, where they thought she was having a stroke.

Now she has made her claim, choosing to receive the prize in a single payment of $1.3 million.  She says she feels extremely lucky and will use the money to help family members, donate a portion to charity, and to take trips.

Read more in http://www.mlive.com/lottery/index.ssf/2016/11/woman_wins_second_million-doll.html

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  • Nakiesha West

    It’s a blessing to see people win, I always say if I win I will help the homeless people, donate to Cancer patients an make sure my family member’s get part of my blessing.

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