War Vet Wins $628820 Jersey Cash 5 Jackpot

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Most will agree that many of our war veterans don’t receive the recognition they deserve; it’s almost like many lottery players who have been playing for a long time without a significant win .  A Korean war veteran who had been faithfully playing the lottery for the past 40 years finally received his due – a big win.

When Carlos Rivera checked his Jersey Cash 5 ticket, the machine simply said “File Claim.”  Puzzled, Rivera brought the ticket over to the clerk at the Cranberry Market and Deli in Andover,  where he bought if from.  After checking the ticket the clerk excitedly shouted “He’s the winner – he’s the winner.”

As it turns out, his ticket was the sole winner of the Aug. 09 jackpot worth $628,820.  The lucky man was stunned, having won only small amounts in the past 4 decades of play!  But when asked how he wants to enjoy his win, he said he doesn’t know.  But he says further that you can try asking his wife.

Read more in http://www.dailyrecord.com/story/news/2016/11/10/koren-war-vet-stanhope-wins-lottery-prize/93597486/

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