We Do Love a ‘Lottery Winner Loses It All’ Story, Don’t We?

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They do say bad news travels fast, and sometimes it does seem that we prefer to read about misery and loss than good fortune and happiness!

Lotteries create big winners every single week – some lotteries multiple big winners when you take into account all their different games. And for some countries that’s winners per State, not just per country!

So we’re actually talking in the region of hundreds of jackpot sized winners, every single week. With many games having run for 10, 20 or even 50 years.

That’s a lot of winners.

So why is it we regularly see this kind of story (“7 lotto winners who lost it all”), even from big publishers like ‘The Week’?

Not just once either! But the misery is so attractive they managed to update the (2 and a half year old) story to add a new ‘winner gone bad’ just a couple of weeks ago.

We’re a funny lot us humans.

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