World’s Unluckiest Man Said ‘No’ To $319M Office Pool

March 31st, 2011   ·   Read Comment...

Have you ever said ‘no’ to the office lottery pool?

After reading this, you’ll probably be throwing your money at them next time they ask.

According to the NY Post there was normally an 8th member of the office pool that just won the $319 Million jackpot on Mega Millions. But he chose not to play last week because he wasn’t feeling lucky.

He’s presumably feeling very unlucky right now.

Although whether it’s actually true, or just an extra day of publicity for Jill’s Deli (the official media source for the New York Post…) time will tell I guess.

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  • Lottery Blog

    It turns out there were actually 5 additional members of the group who declined to play on this occasion.

    The pool of IT workers all put in $2 each when the jackpot is over $100 Million. And they keep a checklist of who is in or out for each draw.

    This time there were 5 crossed out names.

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