‘Winners And Losers’ Hits Screens [video]

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Australias ‘most popular new drama’ series may be coming your way soon.

Winners And Losers is about four high school friends who meet up at their 10 year reunion.

Clearly the four girls were considered the losers of the title back at school. They used to hide in the toilets to escape the wrath of bully Tiffany.

Well it turns out Tiffany hasn’t changed that much in 10 years, so they escape the reunion and end up buying a lottery ticket that next day nets them $8 Million. The Losers are now the Winners.

From there starts the story of the four late-twenties Melbourne girls renewed friendship. It’s not all girly get-togethers and lottery fueled extravagance, but this is likely to be a show that the boys will probably be leaving to their parntners to enjoy.

The opening episode of Winners And Losers pulled in 1.6 million viewers, and it’s held on to 1.3 million up to episode 4. Fremantle Media have now picked the show up and are planning on sending it worldwide.

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  • Lottery Blog

    Look out UK, Winners And Losers is coming your way.

    ITV has now bought the rights to the first 2 series of the show. It should be coming to your screens early 2012.

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