Windfall Willie Is Back In Town

February 20th, 2017   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

Arizona Lottery’s Windfall Willie has been out for the past three years, most likely prospecting somewhere. But now he’s back and has brought a new game for lottery aficionados to play.

The official word is that Windfall Willie has been traveling all over the globe looking for new games and new ways for lottery players to strike it rich. With his return is a long overdue promotion – Windfall Willie has been officially appointed the Arizona Lottery’s CFO – just to be clear that means Chief Fun Officer! In the video he introduces a new game – The Ultimate Million with a top prize of $3.5 million and total prizes of more than $60 million! Tickets for the  new game sell at $30 each.

Willie is said to be preparing to launch more lottery games and will be roaming around the valley promoting the lottery.

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