Winner Drove Around With $2.9M Lottery Ticket For A Month

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His son would not believe  Jerry Ritieni when he announced that he won the lottery.  And a few days after the win, he came back to the store he bought the ticket from to tell them he was the big winner, he even  had a picture of himself with a huge ceremonial check; the store people did not believe him either.

But the joke almost came at Ritieni’s expense, because he had been driving around with the winning ticket for months, completely unaware he was a rich man.  He had originally bought the ticket along with a bunch of others on July 19, stuck it in his truck’s center console and forgot about them.  If the truck had been stolen, he would have lost out on a fortune without even knowing how much he had lost!

As it turned out, he stumbled on the tickets and found one had won $2.9 million.  Now the first thing he wants to decide is whether to opt for a single lump sum payment or 26 annual installments.  Only one thing is clear: he is determined to secure his kid’s future.


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