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Sixteen Biotech Workers Prove The Power Of Syndicate Play

Lucky 16 Manhattan biotech workers

Lots of lottery players are dreaming up ways of increasing their chances to win. Some of the systems players have tried include using ‘lucky numbers’, loved ones’ significant dates, dreams, studying numbers which have not come up in a while, using clever software, sticking to one number combination, using numbers from fortune cookies, etc. Despite there being no scientific evidence of these methods being more effective than opting for a quick pick, some players swear by the systems they use; and some of them inevitably win, which makes it hard to dismiss their claims.

One system which provides irrefutable proof of increases in winning chances is by playing through a syndicate – the winning chances are usually multiplied by the number of members in a syndicate, if we assume each funds a single ticket every draw. However, not everyone is comfortable with sharing a winning jackpot and some people have difficulty trusting other people. But sixteen people who work at a biotech company in New York have recently proven the power of lottery syndicates by bagging a huge $58 million jackpot from the Mega Millions Lottery.

The Lucky 16 Trust

The winning team call themselves the Lucky 16 Trust. The group is composed of workers from a company called Ophthotech Corporation, who focus on developing treatment for eye diseases. The workers come from all levels of the company from senior executives to administrative staff. In fact the leader of the group happens to be Evelyn Harrison, the company COO, which may explain the systematic way in which they play.

The winning group have been playing as a syndicate since 2010, and this was only interrupted for one brief period last year when the company underwent reorganization. Otherwise, every week since they started, each member has been contributing $4 each week for the purchase of multi-state lottery game tickets. Consistency and persistence may have helped them win.

To get over fairness and trust issues, Lucky 16 Trust members follow certain rules (every syndicate should get an agreement in place). First they take turns in buying the ticket. However, the designated buyer is required to send copies of the tickets to everyone else in the group. To aid fairness and perhaps to improve their chances of winning, the group also buys from different lottery outlets. They bought the winning Mega Millions ticket at Carlton Cards at One Penn Plaza in Manhattan, at the very same building where they all work.

Their Winning Formula

On the surface one might say that the Lucky 16 Trust is just like any other lottery playing syndicate. It is composed of workers from the same company, and they play as a team. But there is much more to it than that.

The group has been able to play continuously for a long time because they have overcome trust issues. They have overcome trust issues by playing in a systematic manner, by using rules which keep people honest. While every win has to be divided among all 16 members, they have decided to buy tickets to multi-state lottery games whose prizes have the potential to accumulate into huge amounts like the $58 million they are set to share, for example.

review of the Lottolishus syndicate and app
If you’d like to try your luck too you can join a Mega Millions syndicate here.

What the Future Holds

Each member of the Lucky 16 Trust is expected to receive about $1.65 million net of taxes. Their plans for the money are very different. Some will pay off student loans, home mortgages, and investments. With that kind of money, there are sure to be celebrations, shopping and travel mixed in. However, group leader Harrison says they have pledged to look out for one another to ensure nobody gets carried away.

This probably means that syndicate playing is really the way to go, so long as each group plays methodically. In fact a lottery syndicate formed through Facebook called Gary’s Players just recently won more than a million pounds.

In the meantime, the Lucky 16 Trust may have also found room for improvement in the way they play; they may need to assign someone to check their tickets after the draw. They only checked after hearing that the winning ticket was sold in same building where they work!

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  • Lottery Blog

    Not a bad win at all – $1.65M each in their bank accounts 🙂

  • Gene

    Nice Win. Luck Was With You. My Close Friend Is A Catholic Priest 36 Years Now. He Says There Is No Divine Intervention When It Comes To The Lottery. People Pray And Pray. But, I Tell Those Folks. Hey, You Have To Buy A Ticket First. Enjoy.

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