Winners To Build Grocery For Small Town

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Bondurant, Iowa is home to only 4,000 residents.  As such, the town 14 miles northeast of Des Moines does not even have its own grocery store.  Residents have to either make do with what small convenience stores stock or drive out of town for their groceries.  But that is going to change soon.

Local residents Mary and Brian Lohse, won a $202 million Powerball lottery jackpot in 2012.  And now the couple has the means to make their dream of having a full grocery store at their town a reality.  They are investing $4.5 million of their winnings toward a well- stocked grocery with a bakery, deli, butcher section, a section for Iowa wines and a restaurant.

They say they are happy to put their money where it will benefit their town, claiming all they really did to earn their fortune was buy a ticket.  Town mates and family members are set to benefit from the jobs  the grocery complex will generate.


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