Winning $136M Jackpot “Felt Like A Heart Attack”

June 9th, 2015   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

How does it feel to win a nine figure sum from the lottery?  If you ask Anthony Perosi of Sunnyside in New York, “it feels like a heart attack.”  He should know, he recently won $136 million in a New York Lottery Powerball draw.

The happy winner says he had the winning ticket pinned to a wall for six weeks before he decided to check.  Now he has decided to take a single lump sum payment, and to share some of the money with his son.  He will receive a net amount of  $38.6 million and Perosi junior would get about half as much; $16.5 million.

The elder Perosi plans to work a lot less, and the younger one says he plans to save his share for himself and for any children he may have in the future.


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