WinTrillions Syndicate Hits £51,387 Power Combo

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The online ticket buying service WinTrillions recently launched a variety of syndicates to offer their customers better value, and better chances of winning.

Now in a series of wins, a UK based syndicate has claimed £51,387 in prizes, with the most recent win being £10,000 on the US Powerball.

Playing in the Power Combo syndicate, the group enjoy covering a series of lottery games which tend towards particularly large jackpots – Powerball, Mega Millions and Italy’s SuperenaLotto. They have won prizes from each game.

Appropriately named spokesperson for WinTrillions, Lucy Gold, said:

Power Combo is our most popular lottery syndicate and with wins like this it’s not hard to see why.

The Power Combo Syndicate provides players with 20 times the chance of winning in each draw. It plays twice a week in Powerball and Mega Millions, and three times a week in SuperenaLotto, for a cost of $9 per week.

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You can also find our more detailed review here including what we think of the Power Combo Syndicates.

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