Woman Cuts Short Salon Visit To Cash In Ticket

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Woman learns she's a millionaire after 25 days!

Joey Hunter was about to go to a hair appointment when she remembered something rather important. She had not checked her lottery tickets and there was talk that a $1 million winning ticket was sold at the Kwik Trip in Coon Rapids. So she checked her tickets. Then she missed most of her hair appointment.

She discovered she was one of two $1 million winners of the annual Minnesota Millionaire Raffle and immediately broke down crying. It had taken her 25 full days to realize she was a millionaire. She still showed up at the hair salon, and then cut her appointment short to make a claim at the lottery headquarters.

The lucky dental lab technician and her husband are looking forward to enjoying a debt-free life. She says the first thing they plan to do is pay off their home and two cars. Then they plan to save the rest of the money to start their children’s college funds.

Read more in http://www.startribune.com/for-25-days-blaine-woman-unaware-she-had-1m-lottery-ticket/412081683/

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