Woman Flushes Winnings Down The Toilet

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For many of us, winning the lottery is still an unfulfilled dream.  And almost all of us have an idea how we would want to spend the money, if and when we win.  Some of us dream of cars, new homes, being debt-free, long luxurious vacations, or finally service notice at our place of work.  German lottery winner Angela Maier has other ideas.

She was initially elated with her £330,000 windfall, downing five bottles of champagne to celebrate.  Unfortunately, her stroke of good luck did not escape the notice of the care home where her husband had died.  They promptly sent Mrs. Maier a bill for unpaid medical services .

An angry Mrs. Maier then claims to have torn all the money and flushed them down the toilet in a fit of drunken rage.  She preferred losing it all rather than share the money with the care home.

A court suit ensued but since it would be difficult to disprove her claims, the care home accepted a settlement of £3,300 from Mrs. Maier.

Read more in http://metro.co.uk/2014/01/26/lottery-winner-flushes-330000-down-toilet-so-no-one-else-could-have-it-4278258/

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