Woman May Have Let Opportunity Win £385 Million Pass

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Mindy Crandell may have literally let the chance to win a £385 Powerball jackpot pass; she was on a queue to buy lottery tickets when the a woman (who would later win) move ahead of her spot on the line.  Though the teller gave her the opportunity to claim her rightful place in line, she gave way to 84-year old Gloria Mackenzie.

When the draw result was announced her relatives joked about her having given way to the jackpot winner.   She only found out  that, improbable as it may seem, she had indeed given way to the jackpot winner when her daughter downloaded a picture of Mackenzie.

Read more in http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4957664/Florida-gran-scoops-biggest-ever-single-lottery-win-of-385m.html

Did you know you can now play Powerball from outside the US?

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