Woman May Still Get $50m Prize Despite Lost Ticket

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When blessings are headed your way, there’s nothing that can stop it – not even a lost lottery ticket!  This is what a very blessed Hamilton woman named Kathryn Jones is finding out.

She had bought $16 worth of Lotto Max tickets from a Shopper’s Drug Mart on Dundas Street in Cambridge last year, then lost the ticket and made no effort to make a claim for it.  Unknown to her, her ticket had apparently won a $50 million jackpot.  And there have been a number of people, 400 of them, who tried to claim they were the missing jackpot winner.

But the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. (OLG) had been diligently studying video surveillance of the store at the time the ticket was purchased.  They tracked Jones, and proceeded to verify credit card details of the purchase.  They even increased the verification requirements after learning that Jones’ sister operated an OLG outlet.

But now, OLG officials are saying that the verification process is almost done and Jones has a good chance of getting her $50 million prize awarded.  This person beat odds of one in several million to win a jackpot, then may just get her payout despite having lost the ticket.  If that’s not luck, I don’t know what is!

Read more in http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/news/how-a-hamilton-woman-lost-then-won-a-50m-lotto-ticket-1.2449082

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