Woman To Wipe Off Her Debts With $300K Win

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Woman Wins More Than Enough To Pay Off Student Debts

When Michigan woman Amanda Dietz delivered a speech about paying off student debt, she had no idea that luck was about to visit her.

In her speech she mused about how nice it would be to win the lottery to be able to pay off her debts. Fast forward just a few hours and she finds herself $300,000 richer courtesy of the lottery.

Dietz apparently had a hunch she would win. That’s why she bought a Multi-Prize Bingo ticket on the very day she delivered her speech.

At first she thought she’d won just $100, so she brought the ticket to a lottery outlet to redeem her prize. But the clerk told her the size of the prize made it necessary to make the claim at the lottery office. It turns out the prize is more than enough to wipe off all of her debt. After clearing her financial obligations, plans to take a cruise and invest the rest.

Read more in https://www.wsls.com/inside-edition/woman-says-she-wants-to-win-lottery-to-pay-off-student-loan-debt-wins-300000-from-bingo-ticket

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