Woman Wins Second Instant Ticket Jackpot

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Odds of winning the lottery are usually one in several million.  But that has not stopped people from winning the lottery.  And in the case of extremely lucky people, it has not stopped them from winning the lottery multiple times.

Antoinette Falvo is one of those extremely lucky people.  She has won $100,000 on an instant ticket she bought on her birthday, and the followed up on it recently with an even bigger win.  On Nov. 28, she won $3 million.  Buying from a “lucky store’ must have something to do with it because she bought both instant tickets from the same machine in the same store.

Since Falvo is ill, her daughter claimed the prize on her behalf.  Her daughter says it will help them take care of Falvo.

Read more in http://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/news/2015/01/30/new-york-lottery-antoinette-falvo-gambling-wegmans/22595477/

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