Woman’s Fourth Ticket Wins $5 Million

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People have tried many systems for winning the lottery.  Some use ‘lucky’ numbers, others playwith a group to increase their chances, and some just buy a lot of tickets hoping to land the big one.  And then there are people who just seem very lucky indeed, and you can count a Milpitas woman named Nga Pham among them.

Pham only buys one scratcher  ticket a month.  Each ticket costs $20, and features a top prize of $5 million.  The first ticket paid out $20, the 2nd month’s ticket failed to win anything, and a third ticket yielded a free ticket.  Her fourth ticket however snagged the $5 million top prize.

Pham has not decided what she will do with all that money, having only known of her huge windfall the previous day.

Read more in http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2014/10/10/milpitas-woman-wins-5-million-with-4th-lottery-scratcher-ever-purchased/

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