Woman’s Torn Ticket Made It Hard To Verify Win

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There must be very few things worse than winning and then having difficulty claiming your prize.  But that is exactly what happened to a woman who won a £1 million lottery jackpot.

The woman had bought a lottery scratch card and proceeded to scratch it in her car just outside the lottery outlet.  When she found out she had won, she immediately went back to have it verified by the clerk.  Unfortunately, the clerk had torn off a small corner of her ticket as she sold it taking part of the bar code with it.  Without the bar code, it was not possible to verify the win.

What happened next was a frenzied search for the missing section of the ticket in the shop’s bin.  In the end the woman’s luck held out – the missing portion of the ticket was found and her win was verified.

Read more in http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-28952045

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