Workers’ Syndicate Wins $420M Powerball Jackpot [video]

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Tennessee syndicate winners

A whole bunch of people from Tennessee and Kentucky are going to have a very Merry Christmas this year, thanks to a Powerball Lottery syndicate.  The 20-person syndicate bagged a huge $420.9 million payout.

People join lottery syndicates to increase their chances of winning; more tickets more chances.  However, in a syndicate wins are divided among members, thus reducing the take home amount for each player.  But with this win, all 20 members get to share a jackpot whose cash value is still a hefty $254 million – a solid $12.7 million per person before taxes.

The syndicate is composed of 20 workers doing mainly sales and quality control for the North American Stamping Group, a car parts manufacturing company in Tennessee, and live in 13 different cities in Tennessee and Kentucky.  Amy O’Neal who bought the tickets for the group says they buy $120 worth of tickets per week in support of education and the state.  She did not check results after the draw on Saturday and only did so when news that the jackpot winning ticket was bought in Lafayette.  She was shocked.  And her colleagues thought she was joking when she relayed the good news.

O’Neal says the 8-year old syndicate, who call themselves the Tennessee 20, are people with hearts of gold.  She says the money will enable them to do more good.


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