Young Perth Couple Win $200000 Instant Ticket Prize

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The lottery is there to fulfill people’s dreams. Yet when a people are visited by significant prize amounts, they find it hard to believe. Such was the case the Jordan Ross and Jayde Hicks discovered they had won a $200,000 prize off an instant ticket.

The couple have known hard times. Five years ago Ross was and only had a skateboard to call his own. But due to their win some of their dreams are beginning to take shape. And to think they never intended to buy a lotto ticket when they went to the store. Hicks went to the store to buy some juice, but had a sudden impulse to put down $20 for an instant ticket.

The moment they won, they said they felt like having a heart attack. And Hicks herself cried all the way to the Lotterywest headquarters where they made their claim. But now Ross has purchased a boat with a portion of their winnings. He is also thinking of helping his mum, studying for a job. They’re also thinking of putting down payment on a house.

The couple wanted to wed in September, but they just could not afford it.  Now there’s no question they can wed anytime they want.


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