Zachary Taylor Scoops $1.75 Million Lottery Jackpot

October 26th, 2014   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

What does it take to win the lottery?  In Lousiana, lottery players must not be less than 21 years old, and must claim their winnings within 180 days of the draw.  But Zachary Taylor and his wife Lakeisha Taylor already know that; they recently posted a $1,750,000 lottery win.

The couple bought the winning ticket from the Circle K in Metairie, and their number combination 9-10-14-19-26-28 matched all numbers drawn.  They received a one-time payment of $1,218,232, net of state and federal taxes.  Circle K received a seller’s bonus of $17500, representing 1% of the prize.

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