£1 Million Win Will Finance Wedding

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Full-time mum Katie Smythe and partner Nicky Butler have three young children and with just £85 in the bank, were having a hard time making ends meet.  But that was before Christmas came to visit their home early in the form of a £1 Million jackpot from the The National Lottery’s Merry Millionaire Scratchcard jackpot.

She almost missed on the jackpot after she failed to note the significance of having unveiled the number 25.  Luckily, a friend  stopped her from throwing away the ticket she thought had no value.

The jackpot is set to make Christmas memorable for the pair and their families.  Katie also revealed that financial difficulties had prevented them from getting married, even after Nicky had proposed earlier.  Now the marriage will push through, and the couple also plans to purchase their own home.

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