Teen Mom Bags £100,000 Scratchcard Bounty

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For teenage mother RebeccaTierney, it’s really a season to be jolly as she just received a hefty gift from the lottery.  The 19-year old was just out for a drink of coke when she saw a bunch of scratch off tickets on display. It was all the prodding she needed to buy a £1 ticket on Monday, just to try and win something to make the season a bit more exciting.

She had all she needed in that one ticket because she hit it big. Though she originally thought she had only won £2, closer inspection revealed her win was really worth £100,000. She was so excited she could hardly put the ticket down.

She now says the bounty from the winning Scratchcard she bought from Hooton News in Church Street, Golborne will improve her life as well as that of her son.  In the short term she wants to buy a mini and pay for driving lessons so she can be mobile.

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